Türktraktör's Farm Mobile Application for Farmers Has Been Renewed

8.06.2021 -

Tarlam Cepte offers its users many new features that will reduce their input costs, increase their operational efficiency and add value to their work.

TürkTraktör launched the new version of the Tarlam Cepte application, which it brought together with farmers 2 years ago, to provide 'digital decision support' to producers in agricultural activities.

According to the statement made by TürkTraktör, a team of 18 people worked at TürkTraktör for 3 months for the new version of Tarlam Cepte, which allows growers to easily access many agricultural information via their mobile devices.

In addition to user feedback, TürkTraktör's communication through its dealers laid the foundations for the new version with priority needs for manufacturers. We also focused on improvements that will provide speed in use and ease in accessing new services.

Renewed on its second anniversary, Tarlam Cepte offers its users many new features that will reduce their input costs, increase their operational efficiency and add value to their work.

- All the information that farmers will need in every subject is in the new version of Tarlam Cepte.

After downloading the application to their mobile phones, users can register and activate in one step. Offering a new user-friendly interface, Tarlam Cepte enables farmers to ask the experts their questions about tractor and crop production, by adding photographs, with its 'Ask an Expert' service. Farmers can get answers from experts within 48 hours at the latest.

Thanks to the application's early warning system and live tracking screen, threats such as precipitation, lightning, lightning, hail and storm approaching the field are notified to the farmer 1 hour in advance and the producer is prepared for the situation. The application also helps the farmer to create specific parameters for his field.

Thanks to the 'Income-Expense Calculator' offered in the new version, farmers can check their income and expense status on a monthly basis on a field basis. With the renewed Tarlam Cepte, users can also access the 'Tarlam Cepte Academy' feature, which offers them the training they need to make their fields and their products more efficient.

Up-to-date data on the agricultural sector can also be accessed practically through Tarlam Cepte. Producers can see the current stock market product prices with the data obtained from the Turkish Product Specialization Exchange (TÜRİB), and can easily follow the old and new prices of the products they have included in the watch list. In addition, with the given direction, he can reach the buy and sell screen of the stock market.

With the story tab added to Tarlam Cepte, users can quickly and effectively obtain information on the cultivation of important agricultural products, as well as access information about TürkTraktör's product range and current campaigns by participating in entertaining surveys.

The total number of fields uploaded to Tarlam Cepte, which met with users in 2019, approached 33 thousand in 2 years, and the total field area monitored exceeded 300 thousand decares. The number of users in Tarlam Cepte reached 21 thousand. TürkTraktör offers the renewed Tarlam Cepte application, one of its most important efforts for the digitalization of farmers, to new tractor buyers from New Holland and Case IH, where they can benefit from all its features free of charge for one year.

The new version of Tarlam Cepte can be downloaded from the website http://www.tarlamcepte.com, Google Play and Apple Store.