Petlas Targets Quarter Billion Dollars of Export in 2021

14.04.2021 -

Petlas, the domestic capital establishment of the Turkish tire industry, aims to increase its exports by 25 percent to 250 million dollars in 2021.

According to the AKO Group statement, the company attracts great attention in the world markets with its high-tech products developed by itself.

Among the export markets of Petlas, which spread to 120 different countries in 6 continents, there are also countries with large-scale automotive industries and markets such as the USA, Germany and Italy. Petlas, which exports approximately 200 million dollars in 2020, aims to grow by 25 percent in 2021.

- Historical export record in Kırşehir

Within the scope of Petlas' plans, exports of 21.6 million dollars in March provided the highest monthly export figure in its history to Kırşehir, and Kırşehir was among the provinces with the highest increase in exports.

With this move of Petlas, the export of Kırşehir province, which was 24 million 131 thousand dollars in March 2021, was 20 percent higher than February of this year and 30 percent more than the province's exports in March 2020.

Petlas also acts with aggressive targets in its exports to the US market. Aiming to increase its exports to the US market to the level of 100 million dollars in the medium-long term and to achieve rapid and permanent growth with the competitive advantage provided by its high-tech products, Petlas continues its investment of 60 million dollars in this direction.

- 'Domestic capital produces with domestic labor and sells to the world'

Stating that they achieved successful results in the first quarter of the year, especially on the export side, Petlas Board Member Abdulkadir Özcan said, "Our export target for 2021 is to increase our export revenues to our country by 20-25 percent and to continue to increase our contribution to the country's economy with exports of about a quarter billion dollars." used the phrases.

Özcan stated that in parallel with the capacity increase realized in Petlas in 2020, investments to diversify the existing product range and increase efficiency continue unabated, and gave the following information:

“The sum of the investments made in Turkey's domestic capital industrial power Abdulkadir Özcan AŞ (AKO Group) after the acquisition in 2005 and whose momentum has increased in the last 10 years, approaches the level of 700 million dollars. In our company, investments for both the domestic market and export continue continuously.

Petlas, the leading brand of the Turkish tire industry with 100% domestic capital, produces high-quality tires in 80 different patterns and 2,500 different sizes, from passenger cars to trucks and buses, from tractors to vehicles used by military units and security forces, from work machines to fighter jets. R&D produces with domestic workforce and sells to the world. In 2021, we aim to continue to grow across our entire product range, particularly truck bus (TBR) tires.'