Machine Total and Machingo on The Air

1.12.2022 -

Tepro Makine A.Ş Founder-CEO Semih Doğan also founded Tepzone A.Ş. He made explanations about the establishment purposes of and portal, which were implemented under the roof of the company.

Tepro Makine A.Ş., founded by Semih Doğan. It has been operating in the supply and production of machinery in the plastics industry for more than 30 years. With its experienced team of 80 people, the company provides the production and trade of injection machines, robot automation systems, raw material loading systems and auxiliary equipment for the plastics industry. Continuing on its way by researching more efficient and functional marketplaces with its studies, the company has recently started to enter new technological fields of activity.

Semih Doğan stated his new initiatives, “Due to the COVID-19 epidemic and the pandemic process that has affected our lives, changing living conditions, working habits and new technological platforms have led us all to different plans. In a short time, the whole business world took its share from this wind of change and was forced to make new beginnings. With the responsibility of embracing the importance of contributing to the country's economy and employment in our brand DNA, we laid the foundations of our sectoral investments and new projects, especially R&D. One of these projects is!" he explained:

Aims To Be The Most Powerful Machine Marketplace Platform

“, which set out to meet your new or second-hand machines with suitable buyers, offers sellers a platform that will make a difference in both commercial and time savings by offering the most useful store features of the industry. For buyers, it provides services with a secure payment and shopping policy as well as a detailed machine/equipment search feature. In the process, it aims to be the most powerful machinery market platform in the country by having the most detailed database structure in all categories in the machinery and equipment sector. MachineTotal has been prepared with the smallest details in mind. At the same time, it currently provides the opportunity to promote the products in the best way with plastic, metal, factory equipment, components/spare parts, wood/wood/cardboard and robot/automation categories. All other industrial sectors will be put into service very soon with the work of experts. In particular, it aims to contribute to the national economy by contributing to the domestic economy in the sector with its second-hand and new machinery trade and machinery recycling policy, and by enabling export markets.” said.

Pointing out that another project launched with is, Doğan listed the aims of, which will broadcast with a new generation publishing policy covering the industry and the industrial world, as follows:

• To produce and publish content specific to each sector, appealing to the machinery industry and the industrial world.

• Making publications covering the effects of robotics, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, metaverse, blockchain, internet 3.0, automation and recycling on the industry and business world.

• To publish with the sensitivity of issues such as women's and children's rights, love of animals and nature, equal opportunities in education, and to follow a publishing policy within the framework of international ethical rules.

• Not compromising the principle of a more livable world and a happier community, in accordance with its editorial policy.

Aiming to be the leading publication of the sector, will offer a wide range of needs to its users with interactive digital solutions, webinars and summits, conferences and sectoral trainings, as well as content services.