Fast on track toward the top, Otokar introduces Atlas variants in different weights, easing the workload for businesses

18.04.2024 -

Otokar, a Koç Group company, introduced two new models, expanding its Atlas truck lineup. Since entering the light truck market in 2013 with the mission of “easing the workload for businesses,” Otokar has enjoyed great success with its 8.5t and 12t Atlas models. Otokar now diversifies its product portfolio with the new 11t and 15t Atlas models to cater to different business needs, underscoring its ambition to reach new heights within the industry.

Otokar, Türkiye’s leading automotive manufacturer, aims to assert its claim in the truck market. Since entering the light truck market 11 years ago, the company has enjoyed significant success in Turkish market with the 8.5t and 12t models. Otokar is now bolstering its Atlas family with the new 11t and 15t variants. Otokar’s launch event, hosted by Kerem Erman, Assistant General Manager - Commercial Vehicles, and Murat Tokatlı, Sales and Marketing Director – Commercial Vehicles, took place at the Rahmi M. Koç Museum. Tarkan Burak, Marketing & Sales Support Manager - Commercial Vehicles, and Emre Sarp, Truck Sales Division Manager, were present at the event.

Kerem Erman stated that Otokar has been manufacturing and marketing trucks to the Turkish market since 2013, under licence of the company Foton, and enjoyed increasing success for more than a decade: “As a leading Turkish commercial vehicle manufacturer, we are asserting our dominance in the truck market. Over the past four years, we have tripled the sales of Atlas, which stands out with its durability, low operating costs and rich features. While the under-16t truck market grew by 5% in 2023 in Türkiye, Otokar achieved a remarkable 44% surge in sales. We are proud to note that, in Turkish market one in almost every five light trucks sold in 2023 bore the Atlas brand. Now we are further strengthening our presence in trucks and adding two new Atlas models to our product range to meet the expectations of our customers. Our aim is to sustain and drive our success with new 11t and 15t variants added to the Atlas lineup.”


Kerem Erman underscored Otokar’s high aspirations for exporting Atlas trucks: “As our presence in the Turkish truck market continues to grow, we’ve embarked on exporting our Atlas models by establishing an international distribution network last year. Presently, we have truck distributors spanning seven European countries, including Spain, Poland, North Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Greece. Otokar stands as the sole light truck manufacturer officially exporting to European Union countries through its dedicated sales network. Our aim is to drive our growth in the European market by expanding our network to encompass additional countries in the near future.”


Otokar Sales and Marketing Director -Commercial Vehicles- Murat Tokatlı affirmed Otokar’s rapid trajectory toward the top with the introduction of new Atlas models and explained the company’s targets for the truck market: “As we diversify our truck range with new vehicles, we aim to become Türkiye’s most preferred truck brand in our market build our distributorship network in more than 10 European countries in the near future.”


Murat Tokatlı noted that Atlas is named after the mythological god who carries the heavens on his shoulders, and provided information on the new models: “Atlas has consistently been the preferred choice for numerous businesses and institutions, praised for its high power, performance, and durability under demanding conditions. We anticipate significant market interest in the new 11t and 15t Atlas models, which offer enhanced payloads and distinctive features, alongside power and comfort. With different payload and axle options, low total cost of ownership, economical investment costs, fuel efficiency, and lower spare part and maintenance costs, Atlas will remain the powerful ally of businesses.”


Atlas 11, the newest addition to the Otokar Atlas family with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 11 tons, sets a new benchmark with the highest GVW and payload capacity in its class. Designed to ensure secure transportation of heavy loads, this vehicle combines exceptional performance with a powerful engine, available in both long and short chassis configurations. Featuring a cataphoresis chassis coating, Atlas delivers unparalleled resistance to corrosion and ensures prolonged durability. Atlas 11, the only vehicle in its class to offer an adjustable driver’s seat with air suspension as a standard feature, elevates the driving experience to new levels. Its redesigned cabin offers a spacious and comfortable environment. Otokar Atlas distinguishes itself with front-rear disc brakes and an array of advanced safety and driving assistance systems including EBS, LDWS, AEBS, ESC, and ACC. Equipped with side mirrors with puddle lights, a phone holder, powerful air conditioning, digital tachograph, and touch-control lighting, this vehicle facilitates fast and effortless transportation of heavy loads, with dimensions suitable for navigating narrow streets, enhanced with a high-torque powerful engine. Atlas is offered with a 3-year/unlimited mileage warranty as standard.

ATLAS 3D - 15

Atlas 3D – 15 is the latest 15-ton, 3-axle member of the light truck family. With a maximum gross vehicle weight of 15 tons, Atlas 3D-15 offers a generous interior space with wide viewing angles, complemented by stylish and ergonomically designed seats ensuring comfort during long hauls. The cataphoresis chassis coating provides Atlas with long-lasting protection to corrosion and increased durability. The vehicle stands out with its air suspension adjustable driver’s seat, a feature unique in its class, along with a 10-wheel and liftable axle system. Equipped with features such as side mirrors with puddle lights, a phone holder, powerful air conditioning, digital tachograph, and touch-control lighting, Atlas 3D 15t comes with front-rear disc brakes and a suite of advanced safety and driving assistance systems including EBS, LDWS, AEBS, ESC, and ACC. Atlas 3D 15 tons offers a 3-year/unlimited mileage warranty as standard. Otokar Atlas 3D promises an optimized transportation experience, delivering exceptional performance, fuel efficiency, and low operating costs.