ASELSAN is preparing for its first exports at sea

2.01.2022 -

The first exports of Zargana Submarines Torpedo Countermeasure System and electronic map-based navigation system ASELSAN MITOSTM WECDIS will be made to Pakistan and Indonesia.

ASELSAN is preparing to add the torpedo countermeasure system and electronic map-based navigation system it has developed for surface and underwater platforms to its export successes.

According to the information obtained by the AA correspondent, the factory acceptance tests of the Zargana Torpedo Countermeasure System for Submarines, which was developed nationally by ASELSAN within the scope of the Half-Life Modernization Project of the Pakistan Navy Agosta 90B Class Submarines, have been completed.

Factory acceptance tests were also carried out within the scope of the integration of Zargana, developed under the leadership of the Presidency of Defense Industries, with Indonesian submarines.

Torpedo countermeasure solutions for submarines were introduced to the world for the first time with the Zoka Acoustic Decoy/Scramblers, which were delivered to the Indonesian Navy in 2019 and 2020 while serving in the Turkish Navy. Zargana, which includes the Launcher System, Decision Support System and Zoka Acoustic Deception/Scrambler Subsystems, is exported abroad for the first time. After the integrations are completed, the way of supply to other submarines in Pakistan and Indonesia will be opened.

Zargana stands out as the first and only national submarine torpedo countermeasure system with superior capabilities than its counterparts in the world. The system enables the determination of the most appropriate evasion tactic against the torpedo attacking the submarine by using the target and environment data obtained from the submarine, and the programmatic launch of acoustic decoys and jammers from the launchers located on the port and starboard according to the determined tactic. Acoustic jammers produce broadband noise, preventing the torpedo from detecting the submarine, while acoustic decoys mimic the submarine and deceive the torpedo.

- Pakistan will guide MİLGEM

Another important export-oriented activity of ASELSAN was carried out for the first of MİLGEM built for Pakistan.

Factory acceptance tests of 2 ASELSAN MITOSTM WECDIS, which will serve on the Pakistan MİLGEM 1st Ship, were completed at ASELSAN Macunköy Facilities. Thus, an important milestone for the first export of the system was passed.

ASELSAN MITOSTM was developed as an electronic map-based navigation system product family for surface and underwater platforms. WECDIS and Digital Trace Desk (SIM), which make up the product family, were created to be used on military platforms, and ECDIS for civilian platforms.

Systems belonging to the product family are currently used on 12 platforms domestically, and with the Pakistan MİLGEM Project, it will be possible to use them on different platforms in the Pakistani market.

Along with appropriate backup mechanisms, ASELSAN MITOSTM WECDIS assists navigation by providing information compatible with current electronic maps that must be used according to the rules of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). The system provides route planning and route tracking capability to the relevant navigation personnel on electronic navigation maps by using location, orientation, speed relative to the ground and sea, and similar information obtained from navigation systems.